My youngest seems to be really struggling with his teething. As well as items I have bought off the high street I’ve been using baby massage to try and help with some of his pain management. The stroke that I find best is where I put pressure through his lips onto his gums, by drawing a smile on the top lip and a smile on the bottom lip. If us as adults have a pain, we naturally out our hands to it to push against the pain with pressure. Pressure messages go faster to the brain than pain messages. Babies are unable to put pressure on sore parts of their bodies themselves, so we can do this for them. Baby massage is so wonderful! Don’t get me wrong….I still use Calpol, teething rings, teething necklaces etc. But the massage can provide that instant relief when out and about and whilst the paracetamol is taking time to kick in. I’m very much looking forward to this teething stage being over.  Only 6 have come through so far, so I’m guessing I have a while of comforting my teething baby to go. Wish me luck!!!!

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