My new teething necklace

Every week in my baby massage classes we have toward the end of a session a baby related discussion. Often this is about teething.  As mentioned in my previous post I teach some teething related strokes, but obviously there are other ways out there to help the babies, and in the group we chat about things people have heard of. My sister in law I’ve noticed had been using a special teething necklace, so I thought I’d give it a try. I ordered mine off Amazon as it was the cheapest.  It a pretty grey and black design which is on a safety cord so if baby pulls hard it won’t strangle me. Also there are knots tied either side of the beads, so if does come off my neck the beads won’t drop off. The beads are a silicone bead which is safe for baby to chew on.

As soon as I put in on my youngest was automatically interested and started fiddling with it. I popped a bead into his mouth to see what he thought. He loved it!!!! He couldn’t get enough and wanted to chew on then for ages. Whether it soothed his pain or just a fun activity I’m not sure. But since then, often when crying I’ve got the necklace out and it has soothed him quite quickly. It does not always go with my outfit but I guess I could buy other colours. Im quite pleased with the necklace and probably would recommend to others to try. Its something that can help that does not involve medicine, and gives the baby a bit of personal control over their pain management.

At some point I think I’d like to run a teething workshop where we get to make and design our own necklaces whilst learning relaxing body strokes. What do you think?

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