Massage oil

When massaging your baby, at Little Fairy Friends we use an organic sunflower oil. This is for many reasons. The first is that it is completely safe to use on babys skin. We always do a skin test on baby before using properly, but im yet to come across a baby who is allergic. As its safe to use on the skin, it means it it goes in baby’s eyes, ears mouth etc, it wont harm them. Though im guessing it might not taste the nicest so when we massage the face we dont use quite as much!!!!

The oil has no smell, so its not going to interfere with any bonding process. A huge part of baby massage is bonding, and that includes exchanging smells between carer and baby.

The oil really nourishes babys skin and can help with any dry patches.  As you are having to out the oil on your own hands to massage baby with, your own hands are also going to benefit from it!!!

On my 4 week courses i provide oils for you to take home and continue your massage journey with.  Just remember to keep it in a cool dark place.

My own children love the feel of the oil gliding over their skin. To be honest, I do too. Who dosnt love a massage!20180927_094840.jpg


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