When should i massage my baby?

With my first child I’d always imagined that baby massage would be done after a bath to make them nice, calm, relaxed and sleepy. In real life, straight after a bath my first born screamed and screamed only stopping when he recieved milk. Massage was the last thing on his mind. I then thought at each nappy change would be an ideal time. Alas yet again my son had other ideas. He loved massage, just not when i thought he should. I eventually figured out that he loved it as a morning activity.  Once figured it was great to add into our daily routine. He loved lots of songs being added into it, which i was pleased about as i love singing. It took me a long time to realise that he was incharge of the massage and not me. I wasnt listening to his cues, and i didnt think about his personality, i just thought about what i personally wanted out of the routine.

When my second son came around i knew more about massage and knew to try it at different times of the day to see whay suited him. My second also cried after a bath, and was far too wiggly during a nappy change to even think about massage!!! He too liked it as part of his morning activities.

With massage you have to remember that baby is in charge. They will let you know when it is the right time for them to recieve a massage. Every baby is different, so some may like it at the end of the day and some might not. Some might be a morning baby, and some might not. Take time to get to know massage with your baby and listen to your babys cues. The more you look and listen when you do that oil swish and ask them for a massage; the faster you will get to learn when it is the right time to massage your baby.

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