Its getting to that time of year again when everyone is full of cold. Sadly its most likely that your little one will get a cold at some point. I dread colds with my own two children.  They go off their food, find it difficult to breadtfeed, get extra grumpy and im constantly having to wipe their snot away before they wipe it into their eye and give themselves conjunctivitis!

Tonight i was feeding my little one to sleep at my parent in laws when i could hear him sniffing and starting to cough from his congestion, when vomit comes up everywhere all over the guest bed im staying in. Covering myself and the baby at the same time. Im currently sat here typing this out whilst wearing a combination of my mother in laws and sister in laws clothing!

What can you do as a parent to help your little one when they get stuck with the dreaded cold? Well actually quite a few things. None of them are going to cure the cold, but they can make baby feel a little better. Baby massage is one of those things. There are certain strokes we can do on the face and chest which can help with congestion and to move the snot out of their nose. Tomorrow i think i will spend a long time doing these strokes on my baby!

Im also a fan of snuffle babe drops and olbas oil. These i had used tonight but someone obviously wanted a laugh and to see me covered in sick so decided that they wouldnt let those potions work! But they can relieve baby of some of the symptoms.

When my baby was younger i was also a fan of a snot sucker. He sadly wont let me use that on him anymore!!!

I wish everyone luck throughout the winter, and please remember that massage can help with colds. Just dont leave it too late before doing the massage like i stupidly did tonight!



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