What if my baby cries?

At some point during your baby massage course your baby may possibly cry. Why, you may ask. Well the answer is quite simple. The reason is because, they are babies. Just because you have chosen to massage your baby at 10am does not necessarily mean that is the time your baby wants a massage. We have to read their cues, and that is why we always ask their permission. We are looking to see if they are giving us positive signs such as eye contact, smiling, positive body language and deep belly breathing.  If the baby is crying, trying to roll away, not giving eye contact, then maybe try a different time for massage.

They may cry because they are hungry, tired, or they are finding the strokes too stimulating, so you may have to shorten the amount of time you spend massaging or change the pressure or speed of your strokes.

They may cry because they want to change position or just fancy a cuddle instead.

They may cry because it’s all unfamiliar what is happening to them. If this is the case; reassure them, smile, talk and cuddle. Over time they will get used to it.

Of course the majority of the time your baby will be loving baby massage and will enjoy the bonding with you, the beautiful relaxing feel and the effects the massage has on their body.

But I just want you to please remember. If your baby cries, it does not mean that they dislike massage. It’s just that there is another need that may need to be met first. Other parents in the group will not be annoyed as we are all in this together. We are all facing the same challenges, they just may be at different stages. Your baby will lead your own personal massage journey. Go with what baby needs. Relax, enjoy and do not worry if they cry. As long as you learn the skills of baby massage to take home with you and you enjoy the class, you will have the skills for life on how to massage your little one xxxx



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