Cherish those moments

Tonight as i was putting my son to bed he started playing me up. Crying to be allowed to crawl.about and do as he pleased. I wanted him to go to sleep as quickly as I could so I could do some admin, then go on my mum’s night out with some of the mum’s in the street. I then paused and watched what my son was doing  as I stared, he was smiling looking up to the star projector and pointing . He was obviously wanting to share this moment with me, and I hadn’t noticed as I had my own agenda on my mind. Sometimes as parents we just need to stop, and breathe in our child. Share those little moments and slow down. Babies arnt babies for long so we need to cherish as many moments as we can. Explore the world with them, enjoy it and realise that every day as a baby, they are embarking on a new adventure learning about the world tha20181206_183457t is around them.

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