Its getting to that time of year again when everyone is full of cold. Sadly its most likely that your little one will get a cold at some point. I dread colds with my own two children.  They go off their food, find it difficult to breadtfeed, get extra grumpy and im constantly having to wipe their snot away before they wipe it into their eye and give themselves conjunctivitis!

Tonight i was feeding my little one to sleep at my parent in laws when i could hear him sniffing and starting to cough from his congestion, when vomit comes up everywhere all over the guest bed im staying in. Covering myself and the baby at the same time. Im currently sat here typing this out whilst wearing a combination of my mother in laws and sister in laws clothing!

What can you do as a parent to help your little one when they get stuck with the dreaded cold? Well actually quite a few things. None of them are going to cure the cold, but they can make baby feel a little better. Baby massage is one of those things. There are certain strokes we can do on the face and chest which can help with congestion and to move the snot out of their nose. Tomorrow i think i will spend a long time doing these strokes on my baby!

Im also a fan of snuffle babe drops and olbas oil. These i had used tonight but someone obviously wanted a laugh and to see me covered in sick so decided that they wouldnt let those potions work! But they can relieve baby of some of the symptoms.

When my baby was younger i was also a fan of a snot sucker. He sadly wont let me use that on him anymore!!!

I wish everyone luck throughout the winter, and please remember that massage can help with colds. Just dont leave it too late before doing the massage like i stupidly did tonight!



When should i massage my baby?

With my first child I’d always imagined that baby massage would be done after a bath to make them nice, calm, relaxed and sleepy. In real life, straight after a bath my first born screamed and screamed only stopping when he recieved milk. Massage was the last thing on his mind. I then thought at each nappy change would be an ideal time. Alas yet again my son had other ideas. He loved massage, just not when i thought he should. I eventually figured out that he loved it as a morning activity.  Once figured it was great to add into our daily routine. He loved lots of songs being added into it, which i was pleased about as i love singing. It took me a long time to realise that he was incharge of the massage and not me. I wasnt listening to his cues, and i didnt think about his personality, i just thought about what i personally wanted out of the routine.

When my second son came around i knew more about massage and knew to try it at different times of the day to see whay suited him. My second also cried after a bath, and was far too wiggly during a nappy change to even think about massage!!! He too liked it as part of his morning activities.

With massage you have to remember that baby is in charge. They will let you know when it is the right time for them to recieve a massage. Every baby is different, so some may like it at the end of the day and some might not. Some might be a morning baby, and some might not. Take time to get to know massage with your baby and listen to your babys cues. The more you look and listen when you do that oil swish and ask them for a massage; the faster you will get to learn when it is the right time to massage your baby.

Massage oil

When massaging your baby, at Little Fairy Friends we use an organic sunflower oil. This is for many reasons. The first is that it is completely safe to use on babys skin. We always do a skin test on baby before using properly, but im yet to come across a baby who is allergic. As its safe to use on the skin, it means it it goes in baby’s eyes, ears mouth etc, it wont harm them. Though im guessing it might not taste the nicest so when we massage the face we dont use quite as much!!!!

The oil has no smell, so its not going to interfere with any bonding process. A huge part of baby massage is bonding, and that includes exchanging smells between carer and baby.

The oil really nourishes babys skin and can help with any dry patches.  As you are having to out the oil on your own hands to massage baby with, your own hands are also going to benefit from it!!!

On my 4 week courses i provide oils for you to take home and continue your massage journey with.  Just remember to keep it in a cool dark place.

My own children love the feel of the oil gliding over their skin. To be honest, I do too. Who dosnt love a massage!20180927_094840.jpg


My new teething necklace

Every week in my baby massage classes we have toward the end of a session a baby related discussion. Often this is about teething.  As mentioned in my previous post I teach some teething related strokes, but obviously there are other ways out there to help the babies, and in the group we chat about things people have heard of. My sister in law I’ve noticed had been using a special teething necklace, so I thought I’d give it a try. I ordered mine off Amazon as it was the cheapest.  It a pretty grey and black design which is on a safety cord so if baby pulls hard it won’t strangle me. Also there are knots tied either side of the beads, so if does come off my neck the beads won’t drop off. The beads are a silicone bead which is safe for baby to chew on.

As soon as I put in on my youngest was automatically interested and started fiddling with it. I popped a bead into his mouth to see what he thought. He loved it!!!! He couldn’t get enough and wanted to chew on then for ages. Whether it soothed his pain or just a fun activity I’m not sure. But since then, often when crying I’ve got the necklace out and it has soothed him quite quickly. It does not always go with my outfit but I guess I could buy other colours. Im quite pleased with the necklace and probably would recommend to others to try. Its something that can help that does not involve medicine, and gives the baby a bit of personal control over their pain management.

At some point I think I’d like to run a teething workshop where we get to make and design our own necklaces whilst learning relaxing body strokes. What do you think?


My youngest seems to be really struggling with his teething. As well as items I have bought off the high street I’ve been using baby massage to try and help with some of his pain management. The stroke that I find best is where I put pressure through his lips onto his gums, by drawing a smile on the top lip and a smile on the bottom lip. If us as adults have a pain, we naturally out our hands to it to push against the pain with pressure. Pressure messages go faster to the brain than pain messages. Babies are unable to put pressure on sore parts of their bodies themselves, so we can do this for them. Baby massage is so wonderful! Don’t get me wrong….I still use Calpol, teething rings, teething necklaces etc. But the massage can provide that instant relief when out and about and whilst the paracetamol is taking time to kick in. I’m very much looking forward to this teething stage being over.  Only 6 have come through so far, so I’m guessing I have a while of comforting my teething baby to go. Wish me luck!!!!