Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age are the classes suitable for?  The classes are for babies from 8 weeks to pre-crawling. Once on the move massage needs to be adapted to suit baby. Classes for baby on the move  are coming soon.
  • What do I need to bring with me?  Bring a blanket from home so baby can have a familiar smell with them. Otherwise just your normal change bag as I provide towels, mats, oil and cushions.
  • How big are the groups? Groups are small so we can keep them baby led and relaxed.
  • What if my baby cries/ falls asleep/ needs to be changed?  Its a very relaxed group so your baby will be in charge. Always put your baby’s needs first, so if they need a feed or change go for it. If baby falls asleep there are dollies for you to practice on if you want to so you don’t feel a though you are missing out. If your baby cries – that’s completely fine. It does not mean that they are not enjoying it, it may just mean they have a different need that needs to be met at that particular time. During our classes you are learning a life long skill, so even if you don’t do that much massage on the day, you will have the ability and knowledge to carry on with it once the classes are over.
  • What if my baby has medical or extra needs? That’s fine. Sometimes we may need GP permission or to work along health care  professionals, maybe avoiding particular strokes. We can work the routine around what is best for your baby.
  • Is massage just to be used at home?- No! Massage can be used anywhere at any time of day. You can create your own routines with the knowledge learnt and use it anywhere, e.g. a supermarket trolley to ease teething pain, before bed to help them get relaxed, on holiday if suffering with tummy issues. The list is endless!!!